Resume Creator - Notion Template

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Resume Creator - Notion Template

This free resume template is designed for everyone who needs help figuring out where to start to create a resume.
This template has been verified by multiple HRs from various organisations and only contains the most pressing sections a person can have - regardless of experience level.

With this template, you can confidently kickstart your resume-making process and build up as you go along.

Why did I create this?

A resume is a project that needs refining now and then, requiring a lot of research, designing and iteration and feedback cycles.

To assist others in this endeavour I have consolidated my learnings and what I know into this easy-to-access - resume creator template that mentions logical sections of a resume and what type of content to be added to each section.

You'll benefit from this template:

  • If you are just starting with a resume
  • Have trouble identifying what to keep
  • Has clarity on the section, but not on ordering
  • Loves Notion?

What you'll find in the template

  • Logical ordering of sections
  • Quick actions to create sections
  • Ready to use examples to start even quicker
  • Quick description of how to use everything
  • Ummm...That's it!


  • Does this work on the free version of Notion?
    Yup. It's a free template for you can use this as your free plan of Notion.
  • Can I duplicate this and share it with others?
    You can, but It would be awesome to refer them to this link and let them download from here. It would be awesome if you did that!
  • How are you, Ankit Passi, qualified to create this
    Well, I created this template only after using it extensively for my resume, and it helped me pass multiple job interviews with big organisations. And I seriously hope this template will do the same for you.
  • I have some suggestions to improve or add to the template
    That's awesome! Connect with me on my social media, and let's improve it to help more people.
  • Where can I find you?
    You can DM me on Twitter @ankit141_passi
    Or, LinkedIn @ankitpassi
    Or, Instagram @ankit.passi
    Or, Portfolio
I want this!

You'll get an awesome template and I'll get some satisfaction that this helped someone! Fair trade, right?

Provides highest degree of customisation in a template
Everything all at once
All the things you need - Sections, Quick Actions. This template has it all
Notion Template
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Resume Creator - Notion Template

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I want this!